Kate Venning

Pregnancy Yoga with Leif was so beneficial throughout my pregnancy, it taught me how to work with my changing body and how to relax and enjoy those changes. The breathing exercises we were taught, really made all the difference through my labour, Leif installed confidence every week by speaking positively about birth and explaining how we are designed for this journey of pregnancy and labour. The classes were a place to go and completely relax and move in comfortable ways to enable you to enhance your strength and stamina for getting 'bigger' and for labour. Leif's teaching is fantastic and she is so knowledgeable and most importantly calming! I feel very lucky to have had such a great class to enjoy through my pregnancy and will not hesitate to attend the classes once again for the next time round!

Thank you Leif x x x

Donna Cook

I was one of the first. Now Milo is 11!! I used to love coming to your house and doing our yoga together. You gave me the confidence to enjoy giving birth - and I did! On top of all that, you're gorgeous and brilliant company xxxxxx

Sarah Waters

I feel very proud of you as i was your first pregnant lady!! Rememeber those first few sessions whan it was just you and me  and my bump who is now a healthy 10 year old (going on 16). Well done Leif you are an inspiration and help to so many women in these medicalised times. Keep up the good work, sarah xx

Frances Ford

Leif's pregnancy yoga gave me the opportunity explore and understand my pregnant body, to realise and connect with the different stages of my pregnancy in a way that I wouldn't have done otherwise. She teaches in a calm, confident and understanding way, which can feel very reassuring when you and your body are going through such dramatic changes. She demystifies the process of giving birth and empowers you as the mother. Pregnancy yoga also felt like much needed support and reassurance, not only from Leif but from the other pregnant ladies there, I really can't recommend it enough x x x x x thank you leif x x

Hannah Benham

Always recommend your classes when asked about Yoga for pregnancy. Bronwen and I were not quite the first class, but close to, she is 9 and going to senior school in 2014! Jenna is 7 and we had a great birth! Whatever the birthing experience, your classes help give us the tools to make the best of the birthing experience and make informed choices, hence empowering us. This is something the NHS does not seem to help with, at times seeming to positively discourage it.

Perhaps times have changed, I hope so. THANKS LEIF. X

Lesley Bradley-Peer

Thank you for your teaching, thank you for your service to our community. THANKYOU - from me, my body and my beautiful boy Dylan xxx

Stephanie Hirtenstein

Your classes were amazing preparation for natural birth, they were also fun and inclusive. Many thanks i had 2 beautiful water births after practising squatting in your classes :-).

Siân Pilley

I loved it when my mum came along and she shared her birth experience with all of us about when she had me, I came back and told everyone about the birth of my daughter, a magical cycle for me.... the nurturing calming atmosphere you foster helped at a time which is bound to be anxious and unknown...thank you so much you are one special lady ...keep empowering women in childbirth.

Terrie Sawyer

Going to prenatal yoga with Leif Olsen really helped me connect with my pregnancy and what it meant to me. This made the journey even more felt and real. I gave birth to my beautiful daughter at home drug free. The visualisation that Leif helped me with during the classes got me through this. She has enhanced my birthing and pregnancy experience. My daughter and I have since been going to baby yoga and we love it! Such a wonderful and friendly atmosphere and I have met some very special other Mums & babies along the way.

Thank you Leif! x

Kate Wilkinson

Your wise words, "You always have your breathing" really stuck with me through two labours that were too fast for pain relief. The most amazing advice ever! The classes are wonderful (especially the calm bit at the end where you get to really focus on you and your baby. And, let's face it, lie down for a while...), plus I made some life-long friends from the group.

Every pregnant woman should have a Leif!

Pippa Best

Well, I put two drug-free births (one very long...) down to Leif's wonderful approach to breathing and being. Her generous, loving and inclusive classes gave me a new connection to my miraculous mum-body and built connections with mums, like Leif, who now mean an enormous amount to me. xx

Rebecca Neal

I think the nhs should offer your pregnancy yoga classes to every expectant mum! Midwives are amazing too but your class helped me to have a much easier, less clinical labour and birth the second time round. You gave me the confidence and knowledge to make it a really positive experience xxx

Danielle Edwards

Really enjoyed pregnancy yoga. It allowed me to meet other pregnant women and chat about our pregnancies. My labour went really well and i feel this yoga really helped me to keep focused and have a really good labour.

Thanks Leif Olsen xx

Lucy Toop

Leif has a very valued place in many women's life. So worthwhile, and empowering knowledge. xxxx

Kirsty Hendy

I loved being able to bond with my baby in utero. As a second time Mum, getting the time to sit and just 'be' with my baby, appreciating the miracle that was happening again was so special. I met some lovely ladies there, had great fun, laughs but also felt I could have my pregnancy moans in great company! Always got on well with Leif, lovely warm person, beautiful smile, gentle and patient!

I miss it! Xx

Faye Wilson

I only attended your Birthing Workshops but I would never have had the confidence to have one of my sons at home (and one almost at home!) My eldest sons birth was awful and left me very afraid to give birth again but your guidance, care and information made us feel comfortable enough to have home births which turned out to be the most positive and powerful moments of my life. We tell everyone who's thinking of a home birth to come to you!

Thank you Leif.

Becca Gill

Pregnancy Yoga was such an amazing preparation for birth. I used the yogic breathing we were taught during the birth and it really helped. My partner used the shiatsu points which we learnt which were great and helped him feel a positive part of the process. Pregnancy Yoga has now led to Baby Yoga and I really treasure the wonderful friends I have made and the lovely babies I now know thanks to Leif and her brilliant classes.

Victoria Jelbert

I loved your Pregnancy Yoga & Mother & Baby Yoga Classes & Birthing Workshops. It was so reassuring to celebrate & approach my pregnancy & the forthcoming birth in such a positive & spiritual way, rather than the clinical procession of midwife appts, scans, tests, antenatals etc.

Thank you!

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