Mamas’ Retreats

The Mamas Retreats are run with the wonderful Pippa Best and her Marvellous Story of Mum.mamas-retreat-logo-low-res-01
Join a Mamas’ Retreat with story of mumIt’s all about creating Me-time for mums. We dream of it, we need it – but we rarely make time for ourselves.

“How can I feel better? How can I feel less tired? As a mum, I don’t have time to think about me, and I’m too exhausted and overwhelmed to come up with a plan anyway…”

That’s why we’re here…!

The Sunday mornings Retreat include gentle yoga, simple creative activity (no artistic skills required), and a rare chance to talk in full sentences with other mamas over cake and lunch. It’s amazing how much better and revitalised you’ll feel after just a half day session.

And we know it will make you feel more confident, happier, rested and nurtured.

We want to help you nurture yourself, and remind you of all the amazing things you do.

We even have GIFT VOUCHERS available for our Half Day Retreats

FFI including dates and booking;