The main aim of the classes is to share a joyful, fun time with your
baby. Celebrating our babies for the amazing individuals they are as well as enjoying the support of being in a group of other mothers.
The classes include yoga and singing for the babies, yoga for you,
some yoga to do together and of course some relaxation.
There will be time for a cuppa and catch up afterwards.
Benefits Include;

For You
An opportunity to stretch, strengthen and relax your body. Focusing on those areas specific to a postnatal woman.
We’ll work to strengthen your abdominal muscles, align the pelvis, lengthen the spine, open the chest and relax the shoulders
the classes will also help to support the bonding process with your
baby and give you more confidence in handling and understanding their needs.

For Baby,babies
Improved digestion
Helps to settle baby and improves sleep patterns
Balances and harmonises body systems
Contributes to development of brain and nervous system
Enhances communication between mother and baby